Working Groups

Working groups are small groups of Postlaude members whose goal is to support one another in the job search process. Of course, supporting one another is the goal of the entire Postlaude community. But as many individuals try to work together, it is easy to get lost. With your WG-buddies, you always have a group of people to turn to for advice and help. They are your core community in the broader Postlaude world.

Usually, working groups have between ten and twenty members. As often as they would like, members post updates on their job search, details about their experiences, requests for advice…or just use the forum as an opportunity to vent! In addition, each week, there are a series of prompts that will appear to guide users through the sharing process. These prompts are advice that you can use or not use, depending on how you see fit.

Each Postlaude user can only belong to one Working Group at a time, and there are some limits on how often you can switch groups. For instance, you must post at least one comment to user group page before you leave the group, and you must belong to the group for at least one week. That way, you will have at least given it a try before seeking out another!

Working Groups are a key component of the Postlaude experience, so we highly recommend that you join one soon after becoming a Postlaude member.