Are you obsessed with your resume?

Resumes definitely play a role in your job search and without a good one it can unnecessarily lengthen your job search. Yet job candidates often become hyper focused on writing the perfect resume and in the meantime could run the risk of missing some good opportunities.

September 27, 2016

The Best Apps All Job Seekers Must Have on Their iPhone

Whether you're a career starter fresh out of university, stuck in temporary unemployment due to unfortunate circumstances outside of your control, have just changed your career path to something completely different, or about to leave your current workplace for greener pastures and better opportunities, these apps will come in handy on your job-seeking journey.

September 27, 2016

How to pivot into a new career

A. The crux of the book is centered around a four-stage process [plant, scan, pilot and launch] called "the pivot method." The one thing that anyone can do, whether they're self-employed or working for someone else at a company, is look at what's really working [for you], look at your strengths, what you most enjoy, what you're interested in, what skills you would be really excited to learn in the coming years.

September 26, 2016