How to win at your next job interview

Many job applicants think - incorrectly - that the war is pretty much won once their CV gets the nod and they get invited to a job interview. Yet the shortlisting is only the first hurdle and, once cleared, candidates must prepare to compete on a very different level against other candidates who also passed muster on paper, an expert says.

September 17, 2016

Getting through the 5 stages of job interviews

The recruitment process has changed dramatically in the last decade, with the prevalence of online jobs boards and new technologies. Once jobseekers apply, it can be hard to know how an organisation wants to conduct the interview, or interviews. How many interviews should you expect?

September 12, 2016

21 job-interview questions that are designed to trick you

Savvy hiring managers can glean a ton of information about you by asking just a few, well-chosen questions. But while they may seem simple - that's the point - some are actually designed to get you to reveal information you may have been trying to conceal. In other words: they're trick questions.

September 11, 2016