3 Proven Ways to Get More Income in Retirement

Millions of retirees are operating on a fixed income, which can make it increasingly difficult for them to pay for life's necessities. For that reason, it makes sense for them to continuously look for new ways to boost their income, as even small increases can go a long way toward helping pay for living expenses, and even create more wiggle room in their budget.

August 20, 2016

Encore careers after retirement can mean new jobs in exotic places

Adrian Weinbrecht | Getty Images Yet making extra money during retirement doesn't mean toiling away at a mundane job. There are plenty of cool ways to earn some additional cash and boost your savings. These days, retirees are seeking adventure in their encore careers, securing work at national parks, on cruises, Alaskan whale-watching tours and ski resorts, to name a few.

August 18, 2016

8 Tips For Staying Motivated When You're Unwillingly Unemployed

After finishing my masters, I was pumped to land my first "real" job. I'd graduated from a prestigious program alongside seven others, one of only two who'd taken the thesis/M.A. track. I'd completed my internship at the most respected placement available. And so, confident and motivated, I set out to get hired.

August 18, 2016

How to manage a career change - The Economic Times

Think you are stuck in the wrong job and your calling lies elsewhere? Learn from people who changed their career paths and made a success of it. Remember Farhan Qureshi from 3 Idiots? The soft-spoken boy whose father's desire to see him become an engineer overrode his own wishes.

August 17, 2016