Organize Your Job Search

How Postlaude Can Help Organize Your Job Search

Postlaude comes with a ton of great tools to help you organize your job search. They are absolutely free and will remain so to all Postlaude members, whether or not you are a paid subscriber. Each one can be used individually, but in combination, they can be a powerful and effective way to organize your job search. Let’s cover them one by one, and then talk about using them together.

The tools are as follows:

  • My Job Agents: automates your job searches on several job boards
  • Job Tracker: allows you to keep track of jobs that you are interested in
  • My Contacts: keeps track of contacts that are relevant to your job search
  • My Companies: keeps track of companies that you are interested in working for
  • Journals: perhaps the most important part of all, journals help you document your job search and interactions with contacts and companies.

My Job Agents

On the right side of the screen is the Job Agent generator. You can choose from several popular job search boards. Create a job agent using keywords and locations (and category, if using, and give it a custom feed name if you’d like.

My Job Agents - Screenshot 1 - Marked

Once you are done, your job agent will appear to the left of the generator. Click the bar with the feed name to expand and contract the list of jobs. Underneath the bar is a button to delete the feed, if you no longer need it. For each job, you can click the title to be taken to the original job listing. Click “Save to Job Tracker” to save the job as an entry in your job tracker.

My Job Agents - Screenshot 2 - Marked

At the bottom of the list there is a button that reads “Not enough? Click here for more.” This will take you directly to the job board to see additional opportunities. (You can manually copy the details to the Job Tracker.) 

My Job Agents - Screenshot 3 - Marked

Job Tracker

The Job Tracker allows you to keep track of jobs that you are interested in, whether you find them using Job Agents or elsewhere. To add, edit, or delete a job, use the buttons at the top of the table. Note that if you want to edit or delete a job, you must first select it by clicking the entry in the table.

My Saved Jobs - Screenshot 1 -Marked

To add a job manually, click the “New” button. A form will appear to allow you to enter the job. Fill out all of the details that you can, like this:

My Saved Jobs - Screenshot 3 - Marked

Click Save, and you’re done – there it is! If you have stored a link to the ad, you can access it in another window by clicking on the title.

My Saved Jobs - Screenshot 4

My Contacts and My Companies

To add contacts and companies to Postlaude, click on the New button. Why would you store contacts and companies? They are used in the journals (see below).

My Companies - Screenshot 1

Once you have saved contacts and companies, you will be able to see journal entries associated with them by clicking on the green + sign to the left of the contact:

My Contacts - Screenshot 2 - Marked

Journal Entries

Journal entries tie all of the other tools together, enabling you to track your job search. These entries can take many different forms:

  • A daily or weekly diary, in which you summarize what you have done
  • A record of your meetings, job interviews, informational interviews, emails, phone calls, chance encounters, cold calls, etc. You can tag contacts, companies and jobs that you previously created in order to find these more easily.
  • A to-do list of things that you want to accomplish

In each journal entry, you can tag companies, contacts and saved jobs that are referenced in the text so you'll be able to find them easily.

Journals - Screenshot 1