Membership Benefits

All registered Postlaude members get access to all of the following features of this website:

  • Reading Rooms: Job search and career advancement related material from around the web. Need instant advice on job hunting as a recent grad or new parent? Looking to brush up on your interviewing skills? Find inspiration here. This is available to all registered members.
  • Job Search Organizer: Create job agents that search major job databases for you. Track jobs that you are interested in applying for. Keep a record of your networking contacts.
  • Forums and Groups: Connect to other Postlaude members to post questions about your job search.
  • Working Groups: These are a special type of group unique to Postlaude. It is a small group of members who are undertaking their job searches at the same time. Members check in regularly to post about their job searches, supporting one another and providing motivation. Group activity is guided by a series of prompts that encourage members to post about their job searches at regular intervals.
  • Document Feedback: Postlaude allows you to get feedback from other job searchers on your application materials, including resumes and cover letters. Find out what others think before you submit your application!
  • Interview Practice: Connect to other site members to practice for job interviews.

In the future, these benefits may be restricted in some way to members with a Premium membership, but for now, enjoy them!