Interview Practice

Have an upcoming job interview? Worried about how you’ll perform? The best way to ease your anxiety is to prepare, and an essential part of preparation is practice.

On Postlaude, you can practice for your upcoming job interviews with other site members via video chat. Based on characteristics that you specify, the feature generates a script of job interview questions for you and/or your partner. You can also add your own custom questions and/or edit the order of the generated questions.

To practice for an interview, first, create an interview practice session that is open to other site members. They will then be able to locate your request to connect to you.

When a member offers to help you practice, you will receive a message in your inbox notifying that someone has connected to you. You must confirm the appointment (at the specified time, or at another time convenient for you).

The How-To Guide to Setting up Your Practice Interview

There are three subpages for this feature: Create a Practice Session, Find a Partner, and My Scheduled Practice Sessions.

Create a Practice Session creates a request to practice for a specific job interview.

  • Choose a title for the interview that reflects the type of job that you are applying for, e.g.: “Insurance Sales interview, Front End Dev Interview.”
  • Indicate your availability in the course of the following next week by clicking and dragging the cursor in the corresponding space next to the dates and times. You can only schedule interviews within one week. (As time goes by, you can update this to extend the period, but again, only up to a week.)
  • Optional: Associate the interview with a particular job ad for your own convenience (other users will not see this).
  • Indicate field of the job and options associated with it, to generate interview questions. Select “Open to Others” to make the practice session request visible to other users.

Once you create an interview practice session, it will appear on the Find a Partner page.

  • On this page, you can find interview practice sessions that have been set as “Open to Others”.
  • Indicate whether you want to do a mutual practice session, or if you just want to be kind and help another person to practice. (Incidentally, helping others practice is a great way to prepare and learn what works and what does not work in the job interview process.)
  • Click next to one of the times that the other user is available (in red) to indicate your own availability.
    Once you hit the “Create” button, Postlaude will send a message connecting you and your future partner. They can confirm the time you have suggested, or suggest another one. Once the time has been confirmed, you will receive a link to a page where the interview will take place.

My Scheduled Practice Sessions contains a calendar and a list of all interview practice sessions for which you have been matched with a partner.