Postlaude allows users to upload, store and share their job application documents such as cover letters, CVs/resumes, portfolios, etc. with other users. Reviewing documents is a way of helping others, but it is also an important practice tool. What better way to learn to write a great cover letter than to read those written by others?

The Upload Documents tab allows you to upload documents in a variety of formats to Postlaude. You can store your CVs and resumes, or invite other users to comment on them (by default, these documents are only visible to you). To do so, first upload the document, then go to the “View Documents” tab.

My Documents allows you to see documents that you have uploaded, and invite other users to comment. There are three ways to get others to comment on your documents. First, you can click on the title name to access a web page that displays this document. From this page, you can invite other users. Second, if you are a member of a working group, you can click the button next to the document below to invite your working group members. Third, you can highlight the document and click edit, then select “Yes” to share your document with the entire Postlaude community.

Comment on Documents gives you the opportunity to give other users feedback on their job application documents.

Note regarding security: For document feedback mode, users are unable to easily copy or download your documents. However, they may be able to take a screenshot or copy them. For this reason, we STRONGLY recommend that you do not include sensitive personal information in the documents that you upload for comment. For instance, you could replace the sensitive information (like last names, social security numbers, addresses, etc.) with XXXXs or “….”.